Succulent Collection

South Hill Succulents grows and sells a large variety of live succulent plants and creates beautiful succulent floral arrangements. 
Most succulent floral arrangements are compact and small, yet stunning.

Sarah grows a huge variety of succulents on her property in Seaforth, Ontario. With years of experience growing succulents, her plants are hardy and colourful, as they are given exposure to the natural elements across seasons, allowing growth of strong leaves and maximizing their colour potential.

South Hill Succulents uses a unique growing process you’re unlikely to find in Ontario, yielding succulents looking as if they were grown in California. There’s no greenhouse growing here!

South Hill Succulents focuses on growing and selling the following types of succulent plants: sedum, sempervivum, hens and chick, echeveria, tender succulents, cold hardy succulents, crassula, graptopetalum, string of pearls, aeonium, burros tail, chinese dunce cap and more.

A unique growing process unlike any.

Sola Wood Floral Collection

Bring beauty into your home with carefree sola wood flowers. Sarah has a unique, rustic design style you’re sure to love. 

Flowers that aren’t flowers at all. Each sola wood flower is handmade by women artisans overseas. Sarah takes great pride in hand-dyeing each flower and selecting complimentary colours for each of her sola wood flower design creations. Sola wood flowers offer excellent customization — by special order, you can have them in whatever colour, whichever form and whichever look you want. No two flowers can ever be the same.

Sola wood flowers are made from thin wood shavings of aeschynomene aspera, a naturally derived wood product that is 100% biodegradable and eco-sustainable. Sometimes referred to as shola flowers or wood flowers, they are light, delicate and scent-free. The natural colour of sola wood flowers is ivory, but they can be dyed any colour. Because they are made from plants, by hand, no two are ever alike, and small imperfections are possible — adding to the unique beauty of the flowers. 

Unlike real flowers that contain a risk of allergies, you don’t have to worry about the risk of allergies with sola wood flowers. 

If properly cared for, sola wood flowers will last a lifetime! Rather than burning a hole in your pocket by purchasing real flowers that will lose their charm with time, buying sola wood flowers can save a significant amount of money in the long run.

Sola wood floral arrangements are handmade — each arrangement is uniquely designed, with no two the same.

Sustainable sola wood flowers are forever.

Dried Floral Collection

A sustainable and beautiful alternative to live plants, dried florals are rustic, yet elegant and original. Sarah puts passion into every dried floral arrangement and pairs dried florals with her succulent and sola wood designs.

Order a Custom Arrangement