About Succulents

A succulent is a fleshy leaved plant that holds water in its leaves. They are drought tolerant, as in times of drought they will survive off the water in their leaves.

Only use planters or pots with drainage holes; avoid glass. If your planter or pot has no drainage hole, make sure you water lightly. Ideal planters or pots are made out of terra cotta as they are porous and allow soil to dry quickly.

Use well-draining soil. This is vital to the health of your succulent plants. Add perlite or grit to potting mixes for improved drainage.

Water only when soil is completely dry, approximately once a week. Do not over water as plants will rot. If in doubt, place a chopstick in the soil for 15 minutes. If the chopstick comes out dry, water as usual.

Yes! Put your succulents in bright sunlight for at least 4 to 6 hours each day. Avoid hot, direct sun, as leaves will scorch. Keep plants near or in a south-facing window during the winter.

When propagating succulents, cut the plant off in the desired area. Let the cutting sit for 3 to 5 days, until the wound from the cutting is thoroughly dry and calloused over. Then plant in damp soil.

About Sola Wood Flowers

Sola wood flowers are an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to cut flowers.

Sola wood flowers, sometimes called shola wood flowers, are made from a plant called aeschynomene aspera, which grows wild in marsh areas. Because it grows quickly, it is a renewable resource and one of the lightest known woods.

The plant has a layer of bark that covers the internal, cork-like center of the plant. To make most flowers, the bark is stripped and the center is made into thin sheets of paper like wood. It is these sheets that are hand-cut to make sola wood flowers. Some flowers are made with the bark on and they are very unique and organic looking, creating a two-tone effect.

Sola wood flowers look like real flowers and last a lifetime. Because these flowers are made from real wood, knots and blemishes will be visible on the petals, adding character to each and every flower.

Keep sola wood florals out of direct sunlight as they may fade. You can also mist the flowers with water every now and again, giving a bit of humidity to the wood.

Remove dust from sola wood flowers by using compressed air, available at your local office supply store. If cleaning sola wood flowers with a dusting cloth, try not to use too much water in the cloth, as your flowers will lose their form if too saturated with moisture.

About Arrangements and Bouquets

A combination of artificial and dried florals are used with arrangements and bouquets.

The florals are not heavy, but certainly very fragile. Sola wood flowers are very lightweight and fragile to the touch. The weight of your order also depends on the container or pot.

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General Questions

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